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2021-12-07(Good & Bad Shops)

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Name Surfshark
Stance 黃色商家
Type 科技、零售
Social Media Accounts官方網站)||||
Sources 和你查



Experience complete peace of mind with a top-rated Surfshark VPN for your privacy protection.

The Internet today is far from what we believe it should be - a private, safe place for people all around the world to connect, work, and share their interests.

We believe privacy and access is a right, not a privilege. We’re committed to making this statement into a fact of your daily life.

A feature-packed VPN for a very eye-catching price - TechRadar
Surfshark offers rarely seen advanced features, and bundles it all in an excellent app - PCMag
A feature-rich service with blazing speeds and a security focus - CNET


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