Hair House by Adam Chan:黃色商家(髮型、零售)

Author: 陳妍茵

2022-06-26(Good & Bad Shops)

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Name Hair House by Adam Chan
Stance 黃色商家
Type 髮型、零售
Address 中西區4/F, Wong Chung Ming commercial building, 16 Wyndham Street, Central|灣仔區G/F, 28 Sau Wa Fong, Admiralty|泰國141/2 Kampangdin Chiang Mai
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Sources 和你查



The soul of traditional barbershop
Hong Kong
Hair Cut HKD$360
Wet Shave HKD$340
Adam Chan HKD$400(cut) HKD$360(wet shave)
Chiang Mai
Hair Cut 600THB
飛仔 ,Uppercut ,HongKong Homebrew


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